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Dealing with dirt and grime in your home or office can be frustrating and time-consuming. Whether it’s stained windows, clogged gutters, or grimy roofs, the challenges of maintenance can disrupt your daily routines. Enter Reflections Window Cleaning, LLC., a family-run business located in New Bedford, MA, serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island ready to tackle these nuisances head-on. With decades of experience and a community-focused approach, we provide house cleaning services and commercial cleaning services tailored to your needs. Our team, including family members working together, brings kindness and precision to every job, ensuring detailed attention that sets us apart in the Mass. – south coast area and beyond. Ready to reclaim your time and enjoy a cleaner environment? Contact us today and experience the difference!

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Detailed, Caring Service at Fingertips

Our commitment to quality and community sets us apart. At Reflections Window Cleaning, LLC., we combine years of experience with a family-driven work ethic. Our team, including the owner’s children, is dedicated to providing personalized and thorough cleaning services. We pride ourselves on supporting our community and delivering services that exceed expectations.

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Comprehensive Cleaning for Every Need

Reflections Window Cleaning, LLC. offers a range of tailored services to keep your property in top condition. Our residential services include window cleaning, power washing, and gutter maintenance. Commercial services focus on buildings, ensuring cleanliness from windows to roofs. Each service is crafted with your specific needs in mind, employing techniques like a soft wash for delicate surfaces.

Trusted Expertise in Cleaning Services

Reflections Window Cleaning, LLC has built a reputation as a trusted leader in the cleaning industry, providing quality services since 2001. Our family-run team specializes in both residential and commercial cleaning, bringing a personal touch to every job. We prioritize attention to detail, ensuring each project meets our high standards for cleanliness and customer satisfaction. Our long-standing presence in the community underlines our commitment to supporting and enhancing local homes and businesses.

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Massachusetts and Rhode Island Residential Services

Contact us for a thorough house cleaning service. Benefit from our dedicated residential services, ensuring your home shines from top to bottom.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Residential Services

Explore our key residential cleaning services:

  • Window Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Roof Soft Wash
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Solar Panel Care
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Massachusetts and Rhode Island Commercials Services

Enhance your business with our commercial cleaning service. Our services ensure your commercial space presents the best image.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island Commercials Services

Discover our tailored commercial cleaning solutions:

  • Building Washing
  • Lowrise Window Clean
  • Roof Soft Wash
  • Power Washing
  • Commercial Gutter Care
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Are you looking for reliable cleaning services? Don’t let dirt take over your spaces. Whether it’s a commercial building or a cozy home, Reflections Window Cleaning, LLC. is here to help in New Bedford, MA. Serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Reach out to us for a free estimate and discover how we can bring out the best in your property.

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Meet the Gorczyca Family Team

Meet the Gorczyca Family Team! At Reflections Window Cleaning, LLC., we’re more than just a business; we’re a family. Led by Seth Gorczyca, alongside his sons, Silas and Josiah, and daughter, Emma, our team brings a personal touch to every service we provide. Each family member contributes unique skills and a shared commitment to excellence, ensuring top-quality cleaning services for every client. As a family-owned and operated company, we cherish the relationships we build with our customers, treating every project with the utmost care and professionalism.

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Andrea F.

Seth was very responsive and, after I emailed him measurements, got back to me immediately with prices for cleaning the blinds and shade. He was very accommodating in terms of scheduling pickup and return of the blinds to work around our commuting schedule and rushed morning routine. He showed up exactly when he said he would. He was polite and efficient in both removing and, two days later, reinstalling the blinds and shade, all of which look terrific following his cleaning of them. Seth is the consummate professional. Although I was taken a bit aback at first by the cost, given the quality of the service he provides I would not hesitate to recommend him or to use his services again.




Seth did great job. He came on schedule, removed the blinds, cleaned them and returned them. He warned us inadvance of possible problem which did not happen. We were happy with his service.



Gregory H.

Seth did a great job. It took us several weeks to synch up our schedules, but he was very communicative and flexible, and we finally found a time for him to come by and look at our blinds. Seth arrived right on time on Friday afternoon, and was quick and thorough in his analysis and estimate. He explained that the blinds could definitely be cleaned, and he was confident that they would come out well. But, he explained that, based on their age (13 years old), original color (white), and the amount of graying within the top few inches of the blinds, he would not be able to get those sections back to their original color. But, he was confident that they would look much better than they currently did. He gave me an estimate of approx. $30 per window, I agreed, and he took the shades that afternoon. He said he hoped to have them ready by the following day, or by early the following week at the latest. Seth called late the next morning, and said the blinds were done, and he was ready to come by that afternoon to put them back up. He once again came right on time, put the blinds back up in just a few minutes, and even adjusted the cord on one blind that had always been a little too short. All of the blinds came out excellent, and just as he had predicted. The top few inches are not back to their original white, but they all look much, much better than they did prior to cleaning. And, Seth’s invoice came in under his original estimate, for a total of just $140! We’re thrilled with Seth’s work, and only sorry that we waited so long before cleaning the blinds. We certainly won’t wait that long for the next cleaning, and will definitely have Seth clean them again the next time. Great job!



Christine C.

Seth was a pleasure to work with from start to finish: patient with questions, always thoughtful, and meticulous in his work.




They did it swiftly, and it was great. There were about twelve windows that were involved and each one was shrink wrapped when they brought it back. Very good service.



Alison J. S.

They collected the blinds from my porch (saving me a trip) and got them cleaned and returned way faster than I imagined possible both times! I will be calling these folks for my next cleaning, and would recommend them to anyone who’s thinking about mini-blind care.



Finny K.

It went amazing. I couldn’t believe how much better the house looked after the work! The difference was night and day. I would highly recommend doing this every few years to keep your house its best. The power wash also exposed a few areas that needed paint, which I was able to touch up. I was especially appreciate of Seth’s flexibility in doing the job quickly (a few days before my open house) and his thoroughness. He also emailed me a picture of the house (I’ve already moved out) to show me the difference. The price was well worth the improvements I got. Incidentally, I got two offers the same day of my open house. Obviously I can’t point to any one thing that helped sell the place, but I believe this was an important component. People judge houses reflexively as they walk up, and a bright, clean house gives you a subconscious edge. For any window or siding cleaning job, I would pick Reflections again in a heartbeat.



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